In a perfect world, having a gender-diverse kid shouldn’t be a matter of concern and you shouldn’t need to explain it to people. 

Even if you’re 100% on board with your kid, you know that some people won’t necessarily be wonderful about it.

We’re not isolated beings, we need people in our lives. The best scenario would be that you surround yourself with people who are supportive of your kid’s Gender Journey, but… 

How can you know who will be supportive and who won’t?

Especially if you need to come out to some people in your family, your friends, or maybe explain the situation at your kid’s school. 

Unlike sexual orientation which can remain hidden, gender identity shifts can be impossible to hide from your closest circle, especially if your kid has started transitioning 

Certainly, you need to be prepared, but the good news is that you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. 

In our many years working with gender diverse people and their families, we’ve found that the power of the community and sharing of best practices could save you many headaches and increase your confidence as you navigate this journey with your child.

That’s why we created a support network and resource hub to assist you on every step of your journey. Click here to find out more about the resources we have available!

It’s important to know when you do come out, the best practices, backed by accurate information about the best ways to do it and when, what to say, and in some cases, evaluate if it’s necessary to do it at all because not everybody needs to know.

Don’t hesitate and let us assist you so you can start learning now!

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