This is a question most parents have when they realize gender appears to be an issue for their kids. Many parents may hope or believe this is just a phase. 

We get it and this question is perfectly understandable. 

Before determining if this is a phase or not, there are important aspects to learn, and as every case is different and there’s no one size fits all answer. Maybe, a better question is:

How can I support my kid regardless of what’s going on?

You must understand that coming out could be a big issue for your kid, so you should never dismiss them because that can be very hurtful. Most of the time we find that a person has been living with the knowledge of their authentic gender identity for quite a while before they decide to tell someone about it or start to express themselves differently. You can be assured that 99.9% of the time this isn’t a fad or something that happened overnight. Cases of someone suddenly believing they are trans or non-binary are extremely rare, regardless of what the media would like you to believe.

There is a journey and process to figure out what’s going on for your kid and regardless of where their journey goes, your family’s love and support is the number one factor in your kid’s overall wellbeing and gender health.

Meaning the way to address the situation is the most important factor in your kid’s wellbeing.  You can do this by accessing professional curated sources of information, listening to other parents on this journey, and discovering how to be present for your child in the best possible way, even if you’re not sure where this will go.  Supporting your child and acknowledging them does not seal the deal on their gender, but it does build trust and resilience so you can unpack what is the best direction for your child.  

We invite you to come to check us out.  We’d love for you to join our support network and resource hub, specially designed to assist you on your parental journey as you parent a gender-exploring kid. Click here to learn more about the TransFamily Alliance.

If you just found out your kid is trans, nonbinary, or gender expansive, these initial moments are very important.  Our goal is to provide you with relevant and useful information from the start to help you address this process in the best possible way. The best first step is to check out what the TransFamily Alliance has to offer you.

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