Where to start? Even if you are ok with gender diversity and you’re aware that there’s much more than “only being gay,” coming to understand the non-binary experience could be quite a challenge! 

You may be wondering, “Is this non-binary thing new or what’s happening here?”

As opposed to what is socially known or accepted, gender has more dimensions than just sexual orientation and biological sex. Referring to the non-binary people we’re talking about gender identity, and nonbinary people have always existed. 

What’s new is that we have better language to describe those identities and a far better scientific understanding of how gender is construed.

And there’s the issue of safety! People are more confident now than before as now they don’t have to hide who they are nor are they at risk of being burnt at the stake! So it’s not that there are more non-binary people now, it’s just that they’re just more visible than ever before. It’s also clear that young people today have a different view of gender and what’s possible than generations before and they may just be challenging us to evolve.

To clarify this and many more concepts, the TransFamily Alliance has created a bunch of resources for you  based on years of clinical experience, providing you with the necessary education and support to be there for your kid in the best possible way. 

The first thing to understand in your case is that the gender binary model (that there are only two genders/sexes) is not an accurate representation of human experience. Gender involves is a spectrum of possibilities. 

A non-binary person does not identify as either of the two binaries but instead is somewhere in the middle or outside of the construct altogether. That’s neither right nor wrong, it just is and it is different for every person.

You should also know that scientific studies show that the number one factor influencing your kid’s gender health (emotional, physical, and educational success) is whether your family is supportive. That’s why it’s recommended you first show your openness to understand your kid and then take it from there.

Don’t spend any more time in the dark! Join us at the TransFamily Alliance to find out the many resources we have available for you.

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